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Image: Danse Manatee

Danse Manatee

CPR710 | Released: 06/30/01

This is the second full length album from Animal Collective and features Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist. The album was recorded in various different places including the house they shared in Brooklyn, NY, WKCR-FM studios, and Avey’s parents’ house in Parkton, MD. It was recorded and mixed by the band.

Originally released in 2001 on Catsup Plate Records as CPR710

Reissued along with Spirit… as part of a 2xCD package in 2003 by Fat Cat as FAT-SP07

  1. A Manatee Dance
  2. Penguin Penguin
  3. Another White Singer (Little White Glove)
  4. Essplode
  5. Meet The Light Child
  6. Runnin’ the Round Ball
  7. Bad Crumbs
  8. The Living Toys
  9. Throwin’ the Round Ball
  10. Ahhh Gound Country
  11. Lablakely Dress
  12. In The Singing Box