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Image: Tomboy Packshot

Panda Bear - Tomboy

PAW36 | Released: 04/11/11

Tomboy is the fourth solo full length album by Panda Bear and was recorded in Lisbon by Panda Bear in 2010 and mixed with Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom at New Atlantis later that year. Similarly to Person Pitch, Panda released many of the songs as singles on various labels prior to the full length on Paw Tracks. The "Tomboy/Slow Motion" 7" was originally released on Paw Tracks, "You Can Count On Me/Alsatian Darn" 7" was originally released on Domino, "Last Night At The Jetty/Drone" 7" was originally released by Fat Cat, and the "Surfer's Hymn" 7" was originally released by Kompakt.

Originally released in 2011 on Paw Tracks as PAW36

  1. You Can Count On Me
  2. Tomboy
  3. Slow Motion
  4. Surfer’s Hymn
  5. Last Night At The Jetty
  6. Drone
  7. Alsatian Darn
  8. Scheherazade
  9. Friendship Bracelet
  10. Afterburner
  11. Benfica