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Peacebone showcases the next step in the evolution of Animal Collective's sonic freeform electronic-horror-gospel-hip-hop-soul-pop-madness sound. The track is immediate, fun and fantastical; full of sweet and gooey melodic Strawberry Jam. Avey Tare's vocals cut through the mix with live kinetic urgency, and as always with Animal Collective, they throw in enough left turns to keep your ears tongue twisted.

The B-Side "Safer" is a nine minute epic jam that has long been a live fan favorite. The track is more journey, than song, taking you on a flying carpet ride through pastel clouds and rainbow colored fireflies. 10" vinyl will be utilized to fit the expansive A & B side combination.

On the 12" and CD version, Peacebone is accompanied by remixes by Pantha Du Prince and Black Dice that transform the track from a menagerie of different sonic perspectives.


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